Derksen Food Management
Key Account Management Food Retail Western Europe                                                                                                       Harold Derksen

Welcome to the Derksen Food Management website;

Our Background

  • 18 years experience in Marketing  & Sales, International Key-Accountmanagement Food retail in Convenience Foods & Snacks.

  • 15 years experience in New product Development knowledge of food-trends and bringing new food concepts successfully to different Northern European Markets

  • 20 years experience in restaurant & catering industry as a Head Chef. 

Our Activities

  • International Key Account Management

  • Product development

  • Concept development

  • Demand chain management

  • Trade marketing

  • Category management

  • Agency's

  • Marketing consultancy

  • Sales consultancy

  • Management consultancy


How we work

  •  Establish the needs from our clients

  • Conduct market research

  • Establish a long list of potential customers in the territory agreed

  • Supply a short list of maximum 3-5 target customers

  • Initial meetings for the principal

  • Sales consultancy

  • Management consultancy


High experienced knowledge in International Key accountmanagement focussing on fresh food in: Benelux, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark and Switserland sinds 18 years

Intelligent approach on products, clients and finding the gap in the markets.

Looking for the strength of a company and the reason of being in order to get the business.